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Childhood drawings – EXPO 2020 DUBAI

Childhood drawings – Vision Pavilion – EXPO 2020 DUBAI

Client: Icaria Atelier
Video: explore in 360º – virtual tour – VISION PAVILION

I had the honor of collaborating with Icaria Atelier making some illustrations for EXPO 2020 Dubai. Specifically, I made 23 prints for one of the “Vision Pavilion” rooms.

This section of the exhibition recreates a non-descript room in Dubai where a young boy of approximately 10 years of age collected insects, bones and shells, and filled notebooks with annotations and drawings from the natural world he observed around him.

I really enjoyed this project throughout the whole process, from the initial sketches, making the aged papers, documenting the animals and plants… all the way to the final illustrations 🙂

This is the text that accompanies the drawings, animals and objects in the room:


‘As a young boy, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s favourite place in Zabeel Palace was his father Sheikh Rashid’s falcon mews, a small sandy room where hunting falcons were kept. When asked by Sheikh Rashid to mind this roost, he set about creating his own personal retreat; a small zoo, filled with snakes and scorpions, feathers, shells, and fish skeletons, all stored in jars and perfumes boxes, His parents were delighted with his love of the natural world, and his mother gave him notebooks to draw in, and to keep track of his observations and the scientific investigations carried out on his trips to the desert and the nearby beaches of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed learnt a lot from the things he collected, and he developed a life-long love of study and exploration’

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