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Background design + Briefing

Background design for a test style

Background design briefing
These are two samples of how I can translate a briefing into a background design.

1.Cinema classroom. briefing:
Unlike the rest of the school, the cinema classroom is a colorful place. The asymmetry and the curved line are the structures that govern this space.
Students tables are arranged in a semicircle. Thus, the teacher’s desk looks more integrated. The classroom has a square shape. At one extreme is the blackboard; on the other, large shelves full of books and articles; and, on the sides, two large windows with colored glass scraps. The walls are decorated with hundreds of posters of famous films. From the ceiling hang strips of celluloid and there are plenty of objects and relics collector recording around the room.

2.Director’s office. briefing:
Cold and sterile, with a color palette that goes only by the impenetrable black, pristine white and gray platinum, almost surgical. The office has a modern and elegant design with a minimalist style. Everything is carefully balanced, space is constructed symmetrically and the straight line is the organizing the space. The floor is asphalt gray and decorated with white lines appear to form drawings of children playing (remember lines which makes the police in crime scenes).
The only jarring element is the director’s table. Bright red, located in the center of the office. On one side of the table chair director, black, crowned by two extraneous peaks reminiscent of a Doberman ears, it seems like a throne. Across the table three red chairs are placed at a significantly lower than the chair height.
In a corner of the office is a carpet on the floor lying white shaped paper doll. It is the space of ‘Rastro’, a very smart dog. That’s where he seems to sleep. But Rastro is always attentive to what happens around them.

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