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The 100. “Running Up that Hill”

Concept art for 3D advertisement “Running Up that Hill”
Brainbot TV made one of the promotional adverts for the science fiction series ‘The 100′. For SYFY Channel.

I was lucky to be part of the team in charge of making the piece. Working together with the creative director I made the storyboard and the art for backgrounds and characters, so that they could be modeled later in 3D. I especially enjoyed drawing the totem and all its details and even more looking at the final result in 3D.

Certainly the fifth season could not have had a better start!
Through a totem formed by the five seasons, we travel through the main events of each of them. It finally reaches the peak that connects with what will happen in the new chapters.

Here is my contribution to the project and the final result. So I hope you enjoy them 🙂


Cliente: Brainbot TV

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